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Marketing your Arizona startup

Marketing, the silver bullet of your company. It’s what your company will live and die by even if you choose to ignore it. Why? Because money is the most important thing for a company and marketing is the route, the strategies, and the plan used to get there.

Internet Marketing

The vast majority of firms are horrible, stunningly bad at marketing. The vast majority of firms also go bust in 1 years time. In this case I think is is pretty easy to say correlation equals causation especially when you think it out rationally.

So how can you make sure that your Phoenix, AZ company is successful in it’s marketing. Should you do Internet marketing, or focus on traditional marketing? The all important answers to those questions is what this article will try to focus on.

Most forms of traditional marketing are dead. Newspapers have suffered a total collapse in revenues since around 2005. They have been hacked and beaten by free online classifieds like Craigslist and by Internet publications like the Huffington Post. Traditional media is most certainly dead. It will never survive in it’s current form. It will integrate with the Internet, but that doesn’t mean the same players will be around. In fact, it probably means they will not be around.

So should you promote your company through Internet marketing or through more traditional mediums? The answer is the one that makes you money. But if you do traditional marketing, expect the ROI to drop off dramatically year after year over time. Car radios have been replaces by iPod jacks and Pandora streaming, television has been replaced by Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Let’s be real. None of that is going to change in favor of traditional marketing… ever.

So what are some Phoenix Online marketing tactics you can employ? We’ll here’s a list.

Search Engine Optimization - Search engine optimization is the process of ranking your website in Google so that it appears for relevant searches in your industry. It’s tough as nails but it will help you bring in the dough too. Each person searching a search engine for something is prequalified. You know what they are looking for by examining the search terms they used. If you can optimize your site to show up, and you can answer their needs, then you stand to make money. SEO is hard, in fact there are hundreds of factors to consider.

Social Media Marketing- You can market your company of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. The advantage of these networks, particularly Facebook, is that they have huge oceans worth of data on their users. If you really know your target demographic, including their age, gender, and geographic location, these social media marketing will help you reach them without wasting a penny of ad spend.

Pay per click advertising- Pay per click advertising is the process of ranking in search engines (and a few other places) by paying to be at the top. You pay per click so it’s a 100% performance based marketing medium. PPC advertising and search engine optimization are not mutually exclusive, in fact they are often paired together to get awesome results.

Those are the main Internet marketing methods companies use today. There are a few others like Craigslist, Pandora, and YouTube advertising, but the three ways listed above are definitely the meat.

Don’t just pick on. Test, test, and test to find out where you get the best results. Then pair in. Internet marketing is becoming much more broad and inclusive of different marketing techniques. You need a wholesome and complete marketing strategy these days to win online.

You may want to hire a marketing company in Phoenix to help you determine which particular suite of tactics is best for you. That’s what we did with all of our companies and it worked wonderfully well. You can’t be an expert at everything when you are trying to run a company. You need to pick your battles. Picking marketing without significant experience in it is probably a bad idea, especially when you will be so dependent on it early on.

Read forums, online communities, and journals to get a good idea of what works. Bad marketing companies can completely destroy all of your chances of success. Read Search Engine Land for a start. At least educate yourself in the basics, then move on to other things.

Starting a company in Arizona

People often ask me what the steps are to starting a company in Phoenix, AZ. I laugh each time. If there was a checklist we’d all be living in Necker island sipping on ice cold mojitos on the pristine, beautiful, blue beach. Of course that is not to say that advice is not useful… I guess I am just a bit jaded about formal success “systems” that guarantee you a gold chariot if you only try.

They sell false hope for a few thousand bucks a pop. And you know what? People flock to them.

The truth is that there are still a few steps you should take when starting a company.  A few steps that can be and should be repeated over and over again.

They won’t guarantee that you make it or that you will make even a penny of money, but they are rules that are tried and tested and have been proven to be true by countless success and horror stories alike.

  1. Find a Co-Founder- a business is a constant emotional struggle. It will tug, stab, and eat out your heart over and over again. Sometimes with good news, but often with bad news like your server is down because 50,000 people are on your site right now type of panic situation. The truth is entrepreneurship is really tough, you need someone with fresh, original, and different ideas to frame the situations you come across differently. You need someone to be there to help you make the right decisions as often as possible. You need someone to share the burden of entrepreneurship with. You need someone there along the path. Since having a co-founder is a little like being married to someone (you are with them 90% of the week, weekends and nights included) you had better make sure that you work well with them. Don’t jump right in… never jump right in on the first date. Get to know them over several months, work with them on a small side project, before ever handing over the ring. I mean it… this is the biggest decision, the most defining decision of the start of your long journey.
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Before you start up…

Entrepreneur Arizona

There are certain things that you need to do or think about before you start a company. Don’t start a company for the sake of starting one… too many people have that dream arbitrarily so they start a company using the first idea that comes to mind, whether that’s a hot dog stand on the corner, or a Internet social media sharing site. Most ideas are just god awful, and so you need to spend a lot of time thinking about your initial idea, and I mean a lot.

It’s okay if your idea is not changing the world. If that’s not your immediate goal that’s okay. Your goal might be to create a company that makes money first, then transition to that. Either way you are good to go.

But what you must do is make sure that you have a competitive edge, that your company will make money, and that there’s demand for your product. You are operating in a market economy, if you realize it or not.

Let’s start with determining if there’s demand.

How Do You Determine If There’s Demand?

Determining demand is actually pretty easy. You don’t need formal studies by “Ivy League” firms like BGC or Bain. You just need to use your brain!
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